Property Sale & Leasing

Brown Commercial Group offers a comprehensive suite of property sale and leasing services. Our experienced team of professionals, with over 18 years of experience, dedicate themselves to helping clients find the perfect property solution. Our property sales and leasing services can help clients make the most informed decisions by providing comprehensive market analysis and trends.


What Are Commercial Property Sale and Leasing Services?


We understand that buying or leasing a commercial property can be daunting. Here at Brown Commercial Group, we have the experience and expertise in commercial real estate to provide the best property solutions for our clients. Our team offers up-to-date market analysis, comprehensive comps, consultations tailored to individual needs, maximum exposure through digital and physical marketing outlets, and listings with other commercial real estate experts to ensure success.




Comparables are another critical tool in the commercial real estate market to inform decisions when buying or leasing a property. Our comparables provide access to detailed data such as current and future market trends, pricing of similar properties, rental rates, and more. This information lets our clients make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data.


Before investing in commercial real estate, having the correct data and resources at your fingertips is essential. Brown Commercial Group uses surveys, appraisals, aerial photography, zoning records, and lease abstracts to ensure our clients have the information to make informed investment decisions.


  • Surveys: Detailed analysis of market trends and pricing information on similar properties.
  • Appraisals: Comprehensive assessments to provide accurate estimates of a property’s value.
  • Aerial Photography: Images taken from an angle that provides a better perspective of a particular area or property.
  • Zoning Records: Details on zoning regulations and restrictions about the land or unit being considered.
  • Lease Abstracts: Summaries of all the clauses, provisions, and responsibilities outlined in the lease agreement.


These tools provide our clients with the data needed to make an informed decision. With these resources and our experienced team of brokers, we can give each client the best possible solution. 


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Current and Future Market Trend Analysis


Understanding current and future market trends is essential for making sound decisions regarding commercial real estate. Brown Commercial Group provides clients with an up-to-date market analysis that can be used to evaluate the properties of their peers. This data helps clients identify potential opportunities and risks, so they can make confident decisions about buying or leasing a property.


The commercial real estate market is dynamic, so monitoring current trends is necessary to get the most accurate picture of local markets. Our team tracks economic indicators such as population growth, unemployment rates, consumer spending habits, and foreign investment to help determine which areas are experiencing the highest demand for commercial properties. We also compare historical sales data to present trends to gain insight into possible future trends in pricing, vacancy rates, and other key performance metrics.


Our research also includes analyzing comparable properties to assess how current market conditions impact value. By looking at historical records of similar properties and comparing them with recent sales prices and rental rates, we can better understand what buyers and tenants are likely to pay for similar spaces. The comprehensive understanding of our current and future market trend analysis enables clients to make informed decisions regarding their investments in commercial real estate.




At Brown Commercial Group, we provide our clients with a wide range of services to help them succeed in their commercial real estate endeavors. We provide our clients with financial planning and budgeting advice and investor relations guidance to help them succeed in their commercial real estate endeavors. Here are some of our consulting services:


Financial Planning


At Brown Commercial Group, we provide our clients with comprehensive financial planning advice to help them achieve their goals related to commercial property sales and leasing. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and create plans that meet both the client’s vision and the company’s expectations. Our team of experts evaluates a client’s financial situation and develops a budget-friendly strategy tailored to their objectives.




Budgeting can be challenging without professional guidance when buying or leasing commercial property. Brown Commercial Group provides clients with cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs. We consider various factors such as taxes, insurance, rent or ownership costs, maintenance expenses, closing costs, and more so that our clients can develop a realistic budget for achieving their desired results.


Investor Relations Advice


We also provide investor relations advice tailored to each client’s unique needs. Whether you are an experienced commercial real estate investor or looking to get started in the field, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you maximize your returns while minimizing your risk. With access to our extensive network of brokers and partners in the real estate industry, we can offer competitive loan rates and help source potential new investments.




We offer a variety of outlets and services to ensure maximum exposure for the listings. These include:




Costar is a leading commercial real estate network offering detailed listings and marketplace insight. We create attractive, comprehensive listings for our clients on Costar to ensure maximum visibility for their properties.




LoopNet is another critical outlet we use to market our client’s properties by creating high-quality listings that accurately portray each property. Our experienced team ensures our clients’ properties stand out in the LoopNet marketplace to maximize exposure and attract buyers or tenants.




We leverage Instagram as a powerful marketing tool to showcase our client’s properties. Through carefully curated content and attractive visuals, we help spread awareness of their offerings, drive interest, and reach potential buyers or tenants.


Email Marketing


We also utilize email marketing to reach potential leads and promote our client’s properties with clear, concise messaging. Our emails are tailored specifically towards the target audience of each property to ensure they capture attention even in an oversaturated inbox environment.


Traditional Marketing


Traditional marketing is also an essential component of any successful listing strategy. We can prioritize these advertising services for our client’s properties, such as high-quality signage, flyers, and photography, representing each property’s best features.

Backed by our extensive knowledge and experience, Brown Commercial Group is well-equipped to provide clients with various property sales and leasing services. 

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We approach each client relationship with a focus on how commercial real estate can support the business’ operational objectives. We represent tenants, landlords, investors and developers in a wide range of property sizes and geographic locations.

We build relationships with clients and are available at every step to support business operational goals. We proactively evaluate market conditions and negotiate the best scenario to support a client’s objectives for space utilization, growth objections and geographical preferences.